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Setting new standards in customer service
Robyn Lau - Vancouver Real Estate Agent

Robyn Lau – Vancouver Real Estate Agent

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Underwhelmed by her early experiences with realtors, Robyn Lau has set new standards when it comes to client service

The old adage, “any experience is good experience,” certainly rings true for realtor Robyn Lau. Her diverse work history has not only equipped her with skills that have contributed to her ability to cultivate strong connections with her clients, but it also opened her eyes to what she believes is the right way of doing business.
Lau bought her first house, a $58,000 bungalow in Abbotsford, at age 18. It was 1986, and the former owners were fantastic gardeners but neglected the interior.

Lau, however, was hooked. By the time she was 25, she had bought and sold seven houses. She learned a lot about the process of a real estate transaction. But throughout all of those sales, she never had a good relationship with a realtor. None of them followed up with her later or tried to maintain a relationship. “It gives you really good insight into what the industry is like,” she says, of her early experiences. “And that was my first impression of what real estate agents were.”

While she was working full-time as a paralegal, first in a private law firm and then for the Attorney General’s office, she pursued a design degree at BCIT. Then in 2005 she took an opportunity to help start up a high-tech company. After five years that company was sold, and she began looking for a new direction. Robyn felt herself drawn to real estate. “I really wanted to take all my experience and build a business based on cultivating relationships, just like a financial planner or a stock broker,” she says. “I was thinking, ‘How can I change that experience that I had, and create success for other people?’”

  • Buyers 45% 45%
  • Sellers 55% 55%
  • Apartments 37% 37%
  • Houses 63% 63%

It has been a pleasure working with Robyn in both selling and purchasing homes. Robyn brought a great deal of positive energy and dedication to us as clients, took the time to understand and balance our needs and desires and left us with an impression that she genuinely cared.

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